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Organic Costa Rican La Amistad
Lowcountry Local First


Buy Local, Drink Lowco

We are firm believers in the benefits of shopping locally and supporting local businesses - which is why we are members of Lowcountry Local First.

We provide our customers with a variety of beans and roasts, as well as high-end products that you and your customers will love. 


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

We proudly roast Organic and Fair-Trade beans and have direct relationships with the farms that our beans come from. 

Represents our belief that the livelihoods of coffee farmer's should be as rewarding as the people who drink their coffee. Because we deal with the farm or their representative directly we can ensure the farmers receive a rewarding price per pound for their crop. Our Direct Trade Program is taking steps to ensure that farmer's around the world can feed their family through sustainable methods.

Denotes certification by the United States Department of Agricultural for organically grown, processed, and roasted coffees. All organic coffees are kept in separate storage from non organic coffees, handled with different containers and are always the first coffees of the day to be roasted.


Denotes certification by Rainforest Alliance that the farm producing the coffee is using sustainable practices that conserve the biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystem and enhance the livelihoods of the farmers practicing them.

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